1) Ordering

ABrowse Menu
B) Choose strains
COrder online.  

2) Creation

A) Flowers are carefully arranged for capturing in 2D form.
B) Arrangement is illuminated & shot from several angles and distances. 
C) Good shots are isolated from bad, cropped, and edited to see potential.
E) The best is tweaked to accentuate strain traits and emphasize trichomes.

3) Delivery & Payment 

A) Creation/Completion Notice will be emailed by chosen deadline.
B) Schedule your delivery with your driver's contact info inside your email
Delivery time/place depend on what you schedule.
C) View your creations and when satisfied pay for and receive the art

We're an art-creation service.
Our art is not pre-made or ready-to-sell.
But you may order ahead to avoid creation time.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers