This is a different level of cannabis which you can actually see. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience our quality, go ahead and order now – we accept orders 24/7 and deliver 7 days a week.

All of our herb is indoor-grown in recreated natural-growing conditions & mediums. Genetic Vigor is something that is achieved with our genetics when carefully bred plants perform better than previously expected through selective breeding of desirable traits. Our strains come from a long line of documented genetics from professional breeders and seed banks across the world. We grow an exceptionally vast family of strains colored from green to purple, to blue, and even white. Producing buds with pungent smells of skunk, sweet citrus, berries, mints, and pine. With tastes varying from different fruits, to sourness, vanilla, bubblegum, chocolate, spice, and earth. All strains will tend to stimulate your perceptions and senses. If used properly they may significantly improve your quality of life; Specifically to treat various ailments including anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, pain, PMS, Seizures, and especially Stress.

Our flowers have more trichomes (active ingredients) than most anyones because we carefully handtrim our flowers. That means we don't use auto-trimmers that resource to beating the buds up to get the leaves to break off. A real person trims your flower with the respect and care it deserves. Our hand-trimming carefully removes unwanted leaves from the flower, with everything you desire most left remaining. Grow warehouses produce huge amounts of cannabis, and because of this, throw their wet plants immediately into a “trimming machine”. The fragile flowers are spun around in a combine of sorts, tumbling and dropping the buds which roughly removes the majority of leaves, but also the majority of trichomes! We do not use any automated trimming practices, only hand trimming is done.

After your medicine is fully cured, our collective's careful hand-trim crews trim each flower with the respect and care the very best of flowers deserve.

The final stage of growing top-quality flower, as well as one of the most vital, is the curing process. In the fast paced world of marijuana it can literally be just days in between harvesting, drying, and being placed in someones pipe to smoke. Drying is what is done to clothes. Curing properly is about the natural degradation of plant matter, not forcing all the moisture out ASAP. All of our flower is cured safely in glass jars for 2+ weeks, sometimes months. This process certainly requires more patience, but ultimately makes a considerable difference to it’s looks, taste, and smoothness of smoke. It also helps the bud burn more evenly, become more potent by converting dormant ingredients over into active ones that our brains can utilize, and even help reduce the harsh after-effects of the smokes damage to your throat and lungs.. This produces a difference in all aspects, that we encourage you to experience today.