Their flowers and art still remain the highest quality I have ever received, there is just no comparison.
-Alex B
Smooth and easy transaction…professional staff on all levels. I highly recommend this great service…I love Colorado and CannaCaptures. 
Friggin genius business! I’ve got over 40 pieces of art in my collection now. The wife and I enjoy sharing our art with our jealous friends back home. 
-Chris H
The taste is crazy dank. CannaCaptures sets the bar really high for all other growers. 
Safe and efficient service. Great buds. Beats the Rec prices of this quality in my opinion by at least 20-30 dollars/8th! Little if any shake, nice fat picturesque nugs, and great high every time. This place is the definition of “top shelf” and I would recommend this service for locals or tourists. Peace! 
-Daniel E
I have my red card, but still use CannaCaptures. Nice people, good prices and great smoke. You’ll love the service and product you receive. 
-Big Mike
Didn’t realize weed could be this good. I swear this kush is stronger than hash I used to get.
-Ricky G
Pictures speak louder than words. But once it got in my car it stank louder than a skunk. 
Had a problem ordering so I contacted them and within half an hour I was able to get my order in just fine. Very slick site! 
-Trevor L
I was new to the area and overwhelmed with the choices on craigslist. Pueblo stores were a let down so I decided to go the extra couple miles and go for a for sure thing.  I could tell right away they just earned one more repeat customer.
-Brandon B
True topshelf! I didn’t even realize what I had been getting before here wasn’t. Always a pleasure doing business with this organization when I come into the area.
-Josh Q
After several months as a customer of CannaCaptures I have only good things to say. The Art is beautiful, the free bud is consistently 9-10/10 quality, our driver is punctual and kind, and on the very, very rare occasion that something has been wrong, the staff at CannaCaptures has gone out of their way to ensure that I was satisfied with my order. Don't waste your time driving to another city. CannaCaptures has a better product, better selection, and better service than anywhere else I've been, and right here in Colorado Springs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 
-Susan B
25-year retired veteran here; glad to be able to experience this liberty. God Bless America! Way better than the Panama Red I used to burn back in ‘nam. The gentleman showing me my art was even considerate enough to thank ME for MY service.
-Tim R
This business is amazing!! Moved here from MN and love that not only is weed legal here, you can get it delivered to your door!! The taste and the buzz are always phenomenal! Our delivery guy is always on time and super friendly!! Always great service and product for such a reasonable price!! No reason to buy anywhere else!!
-Karen C
Super silver haze blew my mind in more ways than one. I was provided with reasonably prompt and respectable service. Support this local business!
I’ve been to Amsterdam and haven’t experienced weed this good until now. Safe to say I’ll be back for more. 
-Vlad C
Oh my god the Blue Dream is spectacular! I’m gonna need that clone eventually guys. Friendly reliable service and consistent quality like this ended me rolling the dice hoping for a better deal only to regret it afterwards.
-Kelly O
The love shines through nicely! You guys simply rock.
Impressive art, service, staff, and flower! There is no question CannaCaptures will continue to please our town.
-Barbara W
My medical card expired a few months back, so I gave these people a shot because they seemed to be the only people doing it right amendment 64 style. Wasn’t dissappointed.
-Demetri J
I live in Pueblo but come to the springs every couple of weeks. Anytime I’m there I go ahead and get more art. They’ve got so many strains I never get a chance to burn out on any of em!
-Mikey S
I don’t have my own vehicle at this time but their delivery drivers don’t mind meeting me somewhere within walking distance for me if I am available all day. I love colorado. I thought the dro I used to get back in Cali was as good as it gets, boy was I wrong.
-Greg G
Having to smell that dank all the way home made it seem like the longest car ride ever. When I finally got to smoke it each taste left me wanting more which seems to be their intention, cuz weed this good doesn’t happen accidentally.
-Patrick O
I’ve had my medcard for 3 years now and there isn’t a store in the springs that has weed this consistently mind-blowing. A++!
-Cameron D
I wanted some suggestions regarding proper consumption so I figured I’d ask them. I got such a helpfully detailed response that it convinced me to go with them & order right then and there.
-Jordan D
I’m just so glad this company is here, I do not know how my life would be without it.
-Jane P
Still waiting on the day I can’t get through to these people. They’re always ready for my business.
-Michael G
I like to forward my latest art gallery additions to my circle of stoner friends as soon as I receive it. Thanks because you guys take better pictures of weed than I ever could.
-Derick H
Born and raised in Colorado and I have never had such awesome fire weed until finding you guys! How is it that after all this time one puff still does all of this? Excellent stuff. Will continue to recommend.  
-Susan W
When I first got my weed from you guys I thought it was covered in cobwebs. Then I realize it was just lathered in crystals. It looks so DUSTY, holy trichomes batman! Your camera focuses on these babies more than my eyes can.
-Andrew T
Who woulda guessed all this weed could look this pretty? Goes to show what a good manicuring can do! Haha.
-Samantha H
You guys are the best! :D
-Caitlin N
Pleasantly surprised with the taste & different effects. I wish my friends back home could try this stuff.
-Alex R
I used to HATE visiting my in-laws in the Springs until I stumbled across this place. Now I count the days until the wife and I visit them again. Tennessee sucks even more now.
-Doug B
Moved here from MI a little over a month ago. Recently found out my coworker is a stoner too & now every couple days we find ourself drooling over their online menu trying to decide which strains we’re going to throw down on next. Choosing has never been so fun, especially when it’s all gooood.
Remember what you’ve smoked! Brilliant business idea. Wish I thought of it first.  
-Steve M
Awesome, thanks again for working with me!  You guys have great artwork and the free gifts are absolutely top shelf.  You definitely have a customer for as long as you're in business.
-Ben R
You guys are great! Keep it up and coming in Green!
-Greg G
NO SHAKE EVER! ONLY BUDS! Doing it right guys! Keep it up. 
-Erin A
Thank you. Always helpful when I have trouble and my driver is always prompt and courteous. Thanks for having a great service!! So happy I found CannaCaptures.
-M R
The most amazing and creative picture designs that comes to weed I have ever seen, plus the strains are top of the line. Very happy customer!.
-Mr. Allgood
I for sure have to give a 5 star testimonial for cannacaptures! Great fast service, told many friend about this site and we all love it! Keep up,the great work! I speak for many when I say that we all appreciate it!
-David K
I love cannacaptures! You guys deliver exceptional products, and pricing. Andy, my delivery guy is very prompt, polite, and reliable! Thank you so much cannacaptures! Keep up the good work, and thanks Andy!
-Josh A
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