Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your hours of operations?

We generally create art from 10AM until atleast 7PM each day.
Deliveries typically happen from 11AM until at least 7PM daily, but your driver may make exceptions for special cases if adequately communicated. There is a message box on the order form to provide any preferences.

2. How are your flowers so great?!

The immense amount of energy and passion applied to growing and caring for the flowers is what mainly makes them beautiful. 
Click here to read more about our cannabis.

3. Do you have a store front or studio I can visit?

No, we do not have a location open to the public. Our low overhead is how we are able to offer our services at such an affordable rate.

Click the products on our menu to see additional images, as well as read strain descriptions and reviews for each.

4. How is your art so beautiful?

We take the time to delicately arrange the flowers in a photographable fashion. After shooting, those better shots are then edited to bring out their naturally beautiful aesthetics and to highlight their beloved trichomes. Finally the best of those is selected to be a piece of art for you.

The uglier, weaker, quite obviously inferior buds, often found mostly anywhere else, will not make for wallpaper or print-worthy art. We know that those buds are better off being turned into hash than featured in your next artwork or bowl.

5. What is the resolution of art I can order?

The resolution of your CannaCapture(s) vary depending on bud density, placement, cropping, and distance between the nugs and camera, You can expect well beyond a 1080P resolution.

6. How much cannabis is featured in your art?

Each piece of art that we create showcases 3 carefully-arranged grams of your strain of choice.

7. Do you ever feature larger amounts of flower at a time?

No, our artists find it best to only focus on 3 grams of flower in one shot. Keeping consistent production methods allows our artists to maintain managable creation times providing better service to all our clients.

8. Can I get a sample of your art?

Each strain page on our menu has samples of the actual art created from that flower. We purposefully choose samples that best represent each specific strain.

9. How long will it take you to complete my art?

Your art will typically become available within 1 business day unless you select same-day completion. After your art is completed your delivery time depends on how soon you contact your driver to arrange a time and place. 

10. When will the delivery happen?

Your delivery time and place is scheduled by you with your arranged driver after your requested art is completed/deliverable. You will received an email with the contact details of your driver for you to contact them at your convenience.

11. How long will my order take to be delivered?

Your requested art's creation time depends on the deadline chosen when ordering. After your art is completed your delivery time depends on how soon you contact your driver to arrange a time and place that works for you both. You're welcome to order ahead so your creations are waiting for a prompt delivery next time.

12. Will this be discrete?

Our drivers are trained in discretion. Any preferences for discretion can be added to the special details section on your order.

13. Do you accept debit/credit cards?

Not at this time, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

14. I’ll be in Colorado Springs in # weeks, when should I order?

1-2 days before you arrive in the springs will be sufficient. 

15. Do your prices vary depending on order size?

Our rate of service does not vary depending on the number of pieces you order. All of our art takes a considerable and practically equivalent amount of time to create. None is pre-made-ready to-sell, thus we do not discount for multiple pieces.

16. Where will this be happening at?

Delivery is available anywhere within Colorado Springs within reason.  Our drivers are trained in discretion and can work with your preferences and concerns regarding delivery. We understand if you do not wish to receive yours at home, or if you will be coming from out of our town. Our drivers & most clients do prefer home deliveries though. Click here for our delivery areas

17. Is my art ready yet?

You will be notified via email when your art is completed and deliverable! Orders are usually handled in the order they were received.

Delivery is scheduled by you, at your convenience, with your driver once your art is created and deliverable. Deliverability is not the same as delivery. *Your delivery time will depend on your schedule as well as your arranged driver's. Rest assured we will perform within our posted deadlines mentioned on our process page.

18. May I change my order?

If you recently placed an order and wish to change you, you can submit a new order with a note specifying to cancel the previous order. If it has been more than 1-2 business hours you should not expect to be able to change your order.

19. May I add another piece to my soon to be delivered order?

Yes. You can always order additional pieces of art to be created, but please note this will likely delay your previously scheduled delivery, due to your other order needing to reach completion first to be deliverable together.

20. Are you guys hiring?

Not really, but you may email your resume to if you wish to.

21. May I affiliate with you?

Maybe! Contact us with your details.

22. Not accepting new clients? WTF?

Due to popular demand, we from time to time are required to restrict orders to returning clients only. Usually within a month or two we're able to open our doors back up to new clients again. 

We currently have the availability to take on another 5-10 clients before closing our doors again. Sign up now if you haven't yet!

23. Can't add items to my cart - why?

Please either enable cookies on your current browser or try a different web browser.

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